Drenkrom – Why did I start making clothes?

Drenkrom – Why did I start making clothes?

I always had a passion for clothes,  probably as an inheritance from the women I grew up with and It only got deeper when I started to hang out with punks. You have to look original when you are a punk

Started to sew patches, spray stencils, bleach and dye anything I found, later on learnt how to sew properly and soon I realized that if I can make stuff for myself  I can make stuff for others.

My aim with creating DRENKROM was also to try and make people go more ethical , more consious about their decisions on what to wear. I still use recycled fabrics in certain pieces of clothes, I design everything myself and all the pieces are made in EU, Hungary.

The brand and my style is constantly being shaped by music, style icons I adore, other women and the change of women’s role in society aka GIRLPOWER!!!

Right now I am mostly designing women’s wear and also a few unisex pieces but I hope as the brand evolves I will have the chance to broaden my designs into different directions. Me and my little helper Lucifer are constantly working on designs to make the rebels of the world happy!





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