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Last pieces of DRENKROM‘s winter collection are still available at the shop!

Why is DRENKROM sustainable?

We only work with carefully picked, quality second hand clothes and scraps left from production. The reworked DRENKROM pieces are one of a kind, we do not mass-produce! We prefer using positive materials that are biodegradable or easy to recycle. However we do upcycle polyester clothes as well, because we aim to keep them in the loop by giving them new life so they do not end up in a landfill.
The reason for all of this is that the fashion industry is highly polluting and also there is a lot of quality second hand clothes on the planet and most of them still go to waste.

We also aim to change society’s current relationship with clothes. Instead of mass consuming fast fashion, cheap clothes and following micro-trends we believe looking after your timeless pieces and mending them is the way to a better future. This is the reason why we offer repair service for DRENKROM clothes and we have a 18 months warranty after purchase.

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