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Join us as we share our triumphs, challenges, and the inspiring individuals who collaborate with us to bring our vision to life. It’s not just about fashion; it’s about the people, the artistry, and the stories that make it all possible.

Berlin Fashion Week

As the designer behind Drenkrom, participating in Berlin Fashion Week was not just an opportunity to showcase a signature look, but a momentous occasion to redefine the very essence of luxury in fashion. The Vorn Academy Showcase centered around the themes of circularity and luxury, provided the perfect platform for us to unveil our vision to the world. At the heart of our showcase was an angelic ensemble unlike any other—a creation that not only embodies sexiness and desire but also carried a powerful message of sustainability and innovation. Crafted from a unique blend of materials including latex production waste, hardware, coat hangers, and deadstock tulle, this angel look represented a bold departure from traditional haute couture. For us at

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Tavaszi szél

Spring/Summer 2023 Tavaszi szél vizet áraszt (Spring wind floods water) is a hungarian folk song, that once was preformed by Queen in 1986 Budapest, back when Hungary was still a socialist country. I was just one year old , but when I saw the footage later I had goosebumps seeing how happy the people were, when they heard this song form Freddy Mercury himself. It felt like he was with us and nothing bad can happen. Just when eastern people were excited for a new spring to come! “Spring wind floods water, every bird to choose a partner. Well, who should I choose, my darling, my flower? You choose me, I choose you, my darling, my flower!” The embroidered flower

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Naughty Markets at Alte Münze Berlin

Thank you for everyone who came to my stand and said hello to us. It was an amazing experience and will definately be a part of this market in the future. In case you did not find the right size or what you were looking for , please check the following shops in Berlin to see more Drenkrom products: Pink Caddilac, Blue Tits, Shop Radical. Thanx and have a great festive season everyone ! xx – Ildi

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AW 2022 Collection

For this year’s autum-winter collection I aspired to build structures and paint motives inspired by poetry and club culture. The poems from Attila Jozsef have always been close to my heart growing up in Budapest and now as the train passes by a factory or an old train station in East-Berlin, I see the poems coming to life as a heavy, industrial and erotic vision of the past and present resurrecting in clothes. I mostly used leftöver latex, silk, denim, hardware and second hand clothes to create the pieces, that were all inspired by A.J. poems.

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Spring Summer 2022

Let’s be honest. We have been through a lot in the last few years and it is not over yet. Humanity and mother earth as we knew, do not exist anymore. For me the visions of apocalypse have started at the end of 2019 , but I was really looking forward to 2020 because I love the 1920’s and I kind of blindly expected the same from 2020. But it did not bring along anything like the roaring twenties as we call the decade of freedom when women could get rid off their corsetts, the war was over and people wanted different experiences and carefree living. Instead, as an artist it was very hard to stay motivated. Most of my

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Support small businesses!

It is now more important then ever to buy from local shops and designers! Covid hit the fashion industry hard and even tho this is not definitely a bad thing, even Rihanna’s brand went bankrupt so…. We need your help guys ! It is time to make more conscious decisions about our fashion purchases as well as everything we do when the planet is concerned. Start mending the clothes we already have, instead of throwing them away. If women could do this a few decades ago , we can do it too! Swapping clothes with a group of friends when you feel like going shopping is good fun as well. And when you really feel like making a purchase, go

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