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The Designer behind DRENKROM

My name is Ildikó Dávid and I always loved clothes, since I can remember. My earliest childhood memories are about prints and dresses that my mom wore. I remember her shoulder pads, printed dresses , even the ones she does not remember herself. I was a teenager when I started reworking and dying clothes to look cooler and more individual than others. When I started earning money in my 20’s I became a shopaholic and spent a lot of money on fast fashion, second hand clothes and some designer pieces. By the time I was 28 I realized that I had been hoarding clothes and I had to get rid of some of them, but my curiosity and creativity did not let me just sell them as they were, so I started to rework them and made some alterations. This is when I went to my first designer market in 2014 with reworked second hand clothes. At that time I did not know anyone who was upcycling like me and I did not even know if this could become a business, but the market was a success and I almost sold everything so I thought I could do this as a hobby and make a bit of money with it. I have not stopped ever since…

3 Facts about DRENKROM:


All products of DRENKROM are sustainable, individual products.


We upcycle production scraps and rework carefully sourced second hand clothes into stylish quality garments.


Every piece is handmade, we also offer a repair service for DRENKROM clothes.


DRENKROM was founded in 2017 to celebrate upcycling, individuality and to show the world that sustainable clothes can be sexy and cool. It has been quite a long journey, DRENKROM changed a lot since 2017 and so did we. We got a lot of help from family, friends. Our plan is to bring people into a different mindset regarding consumption and the relationship with their garments. That is why we also offer a repair service for DRENKROM clothes. Join us in the path of upcycling and sustainable fashion to make our world a little bit better!

Drenkrom Offline Shopping? Find us here:

Shop Radical

Sonntagstrasse 28
10245 Berlin

Pink Cadillac

Wrangelstrasse 55
10997 Berlin


You can also find us at several markets in and around Berlin. Click here for upcoming events.

Collab with me:

Calling all stylists, influencers, and shop owners with an eye for style and a passion for upcycling and sustainable fashion!  We’re seeking creative minds to join forces for an exciting collaboration that will set new trends and ignite the industry.



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