Spring Summer 2022

Let’s be honest. We have been through a lot in the last few years and it is not over yet. Humanity and mother earth as we knew, do not exist anymore. For me the visions of apocalypse have started at the end of 2019 , but I was really looking forward to 2020 because I love the 1920’s and I kind of blindly expected the same from 2020. But it did not bring along anything like the roaring twenties as we call the decade of freedom when women could get rid off their corsetts, the war was over and people wanted different experiences and carefree living. Instead, as an artist it was very hard to stay motivated. Most of my designs were basically inspired by thoughts of the end of the world, a mad max society that is going to come and what will we wear when trying to survive global warming.

This year marks the start of a war. A war is usually the source of the worst kind of pain humans can experience and that will stick with them through generations. The people of Ukraine now experiencing enormous loss and unimaginable grief. Familes, children, the common people suffer the system and the decisions of a few again and again. I feel spoiled to live in Berlin , but I have my family and friends in Budapest whom I am worried about very much not only because of the closeness of the war. They live in the country of no change, my homeland now seems to be conquered by pain, bigotism, phobias , fear and people are more devided then ever.

All this pain and fear on the planet is also a chance for us to get more concious about our own decisions and how we treat each other. Instead of running in circles its time to stop now and make a difference. I am also talking about being kind to mother earth , our home, the soil, our bodies and re-connect. If you live in a big city, not a forest, it is hard to shake off the daily bullshit , but we have the responsibility to make more concious decisions on how we interact , react to each other and also on what decisions we make when we buy products. Reusing and recycling is essential. In case of clothes, mending, swapping and giving new life to the clothes you aready have, I believe is a revolutionary act. Buying vintage and upcycled and supporting small designers is also a great way to fuck the system of fashion and consumerism and it leads to a special wardrobe and a more concious customer.

Drenkrom Spring Summer 2022 is about love and liberty. Is is the collection that should have come out 2 years ago but I did not do it because it felt out of context. But how can love be out of context? It cannot. It will never be. I believe we are truly one. We are resilient and we have to stick together on this planet and turn towards each other with love and kindness , even if we have different personalities or we voted for a different party or we are vaccinated or not, the only way is respect and love.

I want to say thank you for the people who inspire me, my friends, the gays of Berlin, all the artists , models, djs and weirdos that I met along the way. Its almost summer in Berlin. Listen to the birds, look up the sky, take a breath and smile at someone. We have each other and we will always have Berlin.