Tavaszi szél

Spring/Summer 2023

Tavaszi szél vizet áraszt (Spring wind floods water) is a hungarian folk song, that once was preformed by Queen in 1986 Budapest, back when Hungary was still a socialist country. I was just one year old , but when I saw the footage later I had goosebumps seeing how happy the people were, when they heard this song form Freddy Mercury himself. It felt like he was with us and nothing bad can happen. Just when eastern people were excited for a new spring to come!

“Spring wind floods water, every bird to choose a partner. Well, who should I choose, my darling, my flower? You choose me, I choose you, my darling, my flower!”

The embroidered flower prints of the collection represent beauty, inclusivity and striving towards the sun, and dedicated to those people in Hungary, who might find it hard to strive, because the sun is hiding behind the clouds.

The beautiful prints are inspired by hungarian folk art and have been in my head for the last few years, but thanks to my dear friend and amazing graphic designer, Fanni Butala , they came to life this spring.

All the denim pieces of Tavaszi szél are one of a kind, selected, upcycled products and most of them made of 100 percent cotton. The embroidery work is executed by a small business in Budapest.